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Player sponsorship : Due to large numbers of applicants it may take up to a week for a full review applications. Thanks!
What you will need:
  1. Two short references either from a coach, an advanced player and / or a member of an organization connected with the sport. Please ask them to write a short paragraph of why we should sponsor you and their email address in case we have questions.
  2. A short clear video of you playing the sport, either in a competition or training in any of these formats; AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, MP4. Max 750Mb. Or YouTube link.
  3. Your shoe size (in Euro or UK), T-shirt and trousers sizes.

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This will be the main contact for the sponsorship account.

Player sponsorship application

Would you like to become a sponsored player with Oliver Sports? Join a growing team of talented and hard working athletes and aspiring athletes of all ages, from all over the UK! Please fill out the details below to apply:


Enter badminton shoe size in UK, Euro or preferably both
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We get many applications for player sponsorship so we want to make sure we select the genuinely dedicated players.

Formats: AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, MP4. Max 750Mb


You'll need to provide us with at least two references to confirm that you are a competitive player and that you will make a good ambassador for the Oliver brand. Ideally it would be from a coach or advanced player.

First reference

Second reference

Please complete the questionnaire

Please answer the questions as honestly as possible. If you're truthful we can try to help you build on your strengths and improve your weaknesses, if you are eligible for sponsorship.

Club / Team sponsorship

Get access to our best prices and resources for you and your team or club. We love working with clubs to help inspire the growth and standard of the sport.

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Tournament or League sponsorship application

Please provide us with all the relevant information for us to decide whether to support your event.

Please let us know how and what you'd like from OLIVER Sports UK.

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