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Thanks for your interest in being be part of our team

To become an OLIVER sales representative there are various responsibilities and requirements. Please fill out the question air to see if you are eligible for joining our UK sales team.

If your territory is already occupied by another representative you may not be eligible. We look forward to viewing your application.

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1: There will required an initial minimum amount of financial investment starting from £299.00.
2: You will be working for yourself as a sole trader or self employed and will be accountable for your own tax and accounting.
3: OLIVER Sport UK will work through you (or your company) to allow customers access to our equipment within an agreed area.
4: As a representative you will be responsible for managing your own sponsored clubs, clients and retail businesses within your area.
5: We reserve the right to close your re-seller account if we deem your work is not inline with the brand ethics or for inactivity over an extended period.

If possible please mention your career mission statement and perhaps why you'd make a good representative for OLIVER UK.

Mention your career highlights that may be relevant.

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